Currently available data visualisation tools are too complex and not well integrated into the day-to-day workflow of planners. It requires multiple export and import steps, as well as expert knowledge in business intelligence software, to transition from a BIM model to data visualisation. Even after completing this tedious process, the connection to the model is lost. The loop remains open; we find ourselves at the end of a one-way street.


Vyssuals.com is a data visualisation web application that can connect to any data source, including a BIM model from any authoring software, local CSV data, or any web API. When connected, for example, to Revit, its 3D view is utilised to colour elements according to the visualisation created in the web app. This simplifies understanding the charts within the context of your 3D model, eliminating the need to learn new software.

Why open source?

The dominance of closed-source software appears to have impeded technological progress in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Our methods for planning the built environment have stagnated for too long, leaving the industry far behind other sectors in terms of innovation and efficiency. Realising a building is a collaborative process; we work with one another, not against each other. No one can build a complex project alone.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (most restrictive) for the web app
Apache License 2.0 for the revit plugin
MIT License for websocketserver


Vyssuals web app: Vite + Svelte + Typescript, svelte-chartjs, WebSocket client
Websocket server: C# class lib
Vyssuals Connector Revit: C#, WebSocket client

Operating Model

Self sustained.
Motivated contributors welcome!
Sponsoring of new features welcome! (connectors, chart types, etc…)

About the team

The project is actively maintained by Yskert Schindel.


For more info, please reach out to Yskert Schindel via Discord or mail: contact@yssentyl.com