AEC Hackathon Zurich

It’s done!

We are still a bit hyped from the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got 🙏.

What made the event so special was the great mix of people we had on site. We welcomed around 250 participants and visitors. From Switzerland and all over Europe to Canada and India. From users to coders to #opensource solution providers to decision makers.

Many came as first time hackers and many as first time open sourcers. Many left as keen enthusiasts 💪.

👉 Here is a link to pictures from the event.

It’s stunning to see what’s possible if a group of motivated individuals from different companies aligns on one goal and truly collaborates on a weekend. The degree of self organisation, the quality of the prototypes and the tools that are available today is nothing else than amazing 🚀.

Everyone who participated in the Hack throughout the weekend can consider himself / herself a #winner. 20 (!) teams presented their work. Four teams got a special recognition from the jury members Edyta Augustynowicz, Philippe Block and Yashar Moradi.

Here are the links to the final presentations:

“Best overall project”:

👉 Team Identity

“Best Hack for Humanity”:

👉 SIA_GPT Team 1

“Best Mash-Up Project”:

👉 LCA Miro

“Best project that solves a big AEC problem”:

👉 Autodesk Cloud Speckle Connector


All others

Find all videos here

👉 IDS Team 1

👉 IDS Team 2

👉 IDS Team 3

👉 BridgeGen

👉 ProjectDataCoPilot

👉 Open I

👉 2Dify

👉 SIA_GPT Team 2

👉 Circular Chaos


👉 Santini

👉 LoCO2

👉 GitAEC

👉 ModuGen


Public Talks on Friday

Find all videos here

But there was more to discover on the weekend. We also had inspiring talks about the relevance on Open Source in the construction and real estate industry on Friday:

👉 Intro

Maximilian Vomhof,

👉 OpenSource@Siemens

Roger Meier, Siemens

👉 Bollinger+Grohmann & Speckle

Alexander Hofbeck & A. Rynne

👉 luucy &

Thorben Westerhuys & Matthias Kuhn

👉 vyzn & compas

Romana Rust & Tom van Mele

👉 inosca & adfinis

Christian Zosel

👉 Roundtable

Tech Talks on Saturday

Find all videos here

And on Saturday, we had 15 insights into actual tech trends and solutions from leading experts across the industry:

👉 “ and the prefab hack”

Yashar Moradi, BIMONDIS 

👉 “Power to the user”

Antonio Viegas, ThatOpenCompany

👉 “Why Data Pipelines are the future of BIM”

Michal Rontsinsky, Beyond BIM

👉 “Xeokit - Huge Models. Made Simple. Cutting-Edge Web 3D Graphics SDK”

Tomasz Basinski, Creoox

👉 “LCAx - An Open Source Exchange  Format for LCA”

Christian Kongsgaard, ApS

👉 “Focus Circular Construction”

Thomas Glättli, Bauen Digital Schweiz

👉 “Data driven sustainability”

Nicolas Fries, Implenia

👉 “Collaboration as unfair advantage”

Pablo Mayrgrundter,

👉 “Sustainable Design Technologies”

Michael Drobnik, Herzog & de Meuron

👉 “Open_BIMGPT”

Kirk Stalkie, Tiree


We, the orga team from (Maximilian Vomhof), from ZHAW Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurwesen (Konrad Graser, Alex Walzer and Zorana Petojevic), from CH Open (Kateryna Schütz) and from AEC Hackathon (Damon Hernandez and Aske Strandberg) are very thankful for the support of everyone who showed up on site or gave positive feedback on social media – this positive energy is what keeps us going!

📣 Last but not least we want to thank again our event partners beyondBIM AGEBPSIA Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein as well as our solution partners, SpeckleThat Open Company (Formerly IFC.js), creeox / xeokit,, BimondisvyznLUUCY AGNCCR Digital FabricationImplenia and Bauen digital Schweiz / buildingSMART Switzerland. Together with us, you believe in the idea of #openinnovation and helped us tremendously to make this Hackathon happen!

And yes, it will happen again! Mark your calendars: 07.-09.02.2025