Sharing and learning is becoming the driver of radical innovation

We go ahead and share ideas, develop projects together and inspire the construction industry. Join us and walk the path into the new world of open source tools and open data.

Together for an open, innovative construction industry

Open innovation has given rise to many of the software innovations that are transforming the real estate and construction industry — from the cloud, to big data, to simulation technologies. But all of these came from outside. To spur this kind of innovation within our industry, we first have to create the right environment for it.

Our goal is to break down barriers to collaboration — between stakeholders along the value chain and even within individual firms. We do this to enable the cross-pollination of ideas necessary to spark transformative solutions to shared problems.

Why is this important? Enabling all stakeholders to participate in digital processes and operate on common, open standards is key – otherwise, high quality data and automated processes will not be possible to achieve, even with the best internal solutions.

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Open Source Foundations create a neutral ground for collaboration

By facilitating open collaboration across companies, the open source movement has proven to be a powerful innovation engine with a strong focus on common standards and open tools – the modern web as an example can not be imagined without these.

Therefore, the role model for the initiative are established open source foundations in the tech industry like the LINUX foundation, the APACHE foundation or the ECLIPSE foundation.

Growing slowly but surely

In the first phase, we focus on building infrastructure that is needed to make existing projects, communities and people visible.

Then, facilitating the launch of new communities and projects is high on our list. Hosting these on neutral ground and enabling reliability and accountability can be really relevant – as long as there is need. Don‘t hesitate and get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

For now, let‘s make the most out of our marketplace, the knowledge hub and the training section!

We like disruptive innovation.

But we also believe in empowering people to improve everyday – not in theory, but in practise.


The os.c marketplace is THE place for you to find a lot of great stuff.

You will find open source solutions ready to be explored in detail.

You will find open collaboration possibilities, posted by peers that are willing to take action and move forward together.

And you will find heaps of talented people, ready to push the industry further. Step by step and never stopping.

BlenderBIM Add-on

A cross-platform suite of tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM) built on Blender.

Circular Construction Co-Pilot

Accelerating circular construction practices through a digital knowledge hub that adapts to industry needs.


More infos coming soon

IfcLCA 🌐

Welcome to IfcLCA, an innovative web platform designed specifically for conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on Swiss construction projects.

IFC Model Checker

More info coming soon

LCAx and EPDx

Facilitates interoperability in sustainability assessments by developing an open data format for LCA results and EPD information, promoting transparent and collaborative environmental impact analysis.


Revolutionizes AEC industry collaboration by providing an open data platform for real-time sharing and project visualization, fostering efficiency and innovation across disciplines.


Batch print your documents from the Autodesk Construction Cloud in no time!


Streamlines data visualization by directly integrating with BIM models and other data sources, enhancing understanding through in-context 3D views.


Talk. Share. Do.
Knowing what works and exchanging ideas with others is often the starting point for exciting projects. Therefore, organises its own events to facilitate this exchange – find them here + further events that we attend as well.

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Past Events

COMPAS Developer Day


Open Source in AEC – Copenhagen Event


AEC Hackathon Zurich




Future of Construction 2023 Symposium


Open Source in der Architektur (German)


Workshoptage CH Open


Open Innovation Workshop «Construction & Data Science»


Open Source for Architects Conference


AEC Hackathon Copenhagen - 10.0


Kick-Off Event

Opening event of the Zurich AEC Hackathon

Our mission at

Making collaboration in the AECO tech community SUCCESSFUL

Users - Ecosystem - Developers
Opening event of the Zurich AEC Hackathon

Who is behind the initiative? is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The initiative was launched by Maximilian Vomhof in 2022 - out of frustration with the current status quo of innovation in the construction industry and with a strong passion for open collaboration.

Today, a group of committed individuals makes sure it grows slowly but surely – always with a strong focus on delivering value to the community of software developers, digital doers and established organisations that seek to thrive.

We are open to anyone who wants to join or contribute – please don‘t hesitate to get in touch!

Our current core team

Maximilian Vomhof

Maximilian Vomhof

Managing Director

Country Lead Switzerland

CEO @ anytwo

Yashar Moradi

Yashar Moradi

Lead Resources

Country Lead Germany

Co-founder & CTO @ MOD

Christian Kongsgaard

Christian Kongsgaard

Lead Trainings

Country Lead Denmark


Karim Daw

Karim Daw

Lead Marketplace

Country Lead UK

Design Computation Leader @ Gensler

Thorben Westerhuys

Thorben Westerhuys

Lead Website

Team Zurich

CTO @ luucy

Lukas Fuhrimann

Lukas Fuhrimann

Lead Communication

Team Zurich

Software Engineer @ EBP

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes

Lead Infrastructure

Team Denmark


Karel van Eechoud

Karel van Eechoud

Lead Industry

Team Zurich

Head of Innovation @ Implenia

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Are you interested in the role of open-source in the building industry? Get in touch with us today!