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Welcome to IfcLCA, an innovative web platform designed specifically for conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on Swiss construction projects. Utilizing Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files, our platform simplifies the process of analyzing building elements' carbon footprints. With a user-friendly dashboard, IfcLCA presents a comprehensive overview of projects, making sustainability evaluations both accessible and impactful.

Project Overview 🏒

IfcLCA is crafted with sustainability at its core, offering real-time LCA calculations based on currently established methodology in Switzerland (SIA 2032). This ensures users can make environmentally sound decisions in alignment with construction regulations and standards (adding more environmental databases is straightforward, but underlying methodologies can differ quite a bit, depending on where you perform an LCA).

Process Diagram

Key Features πŸ”‘

  • Open Standards Support: Leveraging IFC for interoperability and integration.
  • Real-time LCA Calculations: Assessing embodied carbon promptly (more to come).
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Streamlining project overviews and environmental impacts.
  • Material Matching: Automatically match sustainable materials within projects.
  • Reporting: Effortlessly export essential data and gain insights (planned in future release).

Data Flow

Join the opensource LCA initiative πŸš€

IfcLCA is steadfast in its commitment to open-source development, fostering a culture of collaboration and contribution. We believe in maintaining unwavering transparency, particularly when it comes to Life Cycle Assessments. Our platform's core features are, and always will be, openly available β€” allowing users and developers alike to scrutinize, enhance, and innovate within our shared ecosystem. This dedication not only fuels progress but also ensures accountability and integrity in our collective pursuit of sustainable construction practices. Whether you're a developer, architect, engineer, or a specialist in sustainability, your input is valuable in refining IfcLCA and reducing the carbon footprint in construction.

Licensing πŸ“„

IfcLCA is proudly licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPLv3). This licensing ensures that all modifications and derivative works are freely available under the same terms, encouraging a vibrant community dedicated to advancing sustainable construction technologies.

Our license allows users and developers to legally share and adapt the software, provided the same freedoms are preserved in derivative works.

"Free as in Freedom, not just free beer." 🍻

Together, let's build a greener future with IfcLCA! 🌿


Do you have a question? Please reach out to Louis TrΓΌmpler through admifclca@gmail.com