LCAx and EPDx


Today, we see that many new LCA tools are seeing the light of day recently, but there is no open data exchange format between different software. This makes it hard to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, as they all need to use the same platform for calculations if multiple people are working on the same calculation.


The goal for LCAx is to make an open, machine and human-readable data format for exchanging LCA results, EPD’s and assemblies. We propose a simple three level data format with information on project, assembly and EPD level, written in an open data format and paired with a validator for a more robust and standardized format. We intend to create connections to existing tools and API’s. Our goal is making LCA calculations more accessible, transparent, and open.

Why Open Source?

The intention was from the beginning to develop LCAx/EPDx open source as it allows us share the solution between companies. Furthermore, we believe that if this initiative should succeed then it needs to be freely available for everybody to adopt.

About the team

The idea for LCAx and EPDx happened in a series of conversations between LCA, sustainability and digitalization experts from Ramboll and Arkitema.

LCAx/EPDx is developed and maintained by Christian Kongsgaard, with continuous input and feedback from Nicolai Mai Jørgensen and Andreas Sørensen.

For more info, please reach out to: Christian Kongsgaard <>