Speckle addresses the fragmentation and inefficiency in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry by providing an open data platform that enhances collaboration, connectivity, and automation. Traditional methods rely on siloed data and manual processes, leading to delays, cost overruns, and reduced innovation.


Our platform integrates with existing software, enabling real-time data sharing and collaboration across disciplines. Speckle is a flexible and scalable solution, allowing users to streamline workflows, improve project delivery, and innovate through a unified data environment. That data environment is accessible by software connections, SDK integrations and API queries, but most importantly, from a first-class web 3d and data viewer, allowing all members of the project team to see their projects’ data and automation and analysis results from any device, and have meaningful collaboration without specialist software.

Why Open Source?

Open-sourcing Speckle aligns with our core values of community first, open and trusting, proactive accountability, and quality obsession. It encourages collaboration, enhances transparency, fosters innovation, and ensures our solutions are accessible to a broader audience, driving industry-wide improvements.

Because Speckle is the only open-source AEC data platform, we are in a unique position when working with commercial partners. We stand alone in having a path to private egress data for a long-term resilient strategy unknown in the AEC vendor-cloud space.


Speckle uses the Apache License 2.0, supporting our commitment to open, collaborative development while providing the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software.

Operating Model

Speckle is maintained through contributions from our core team, alongside user and volunteer contributions. Updates are regularly released based on community feedback and technological advancements.

Our users range from architecture and engineering firms to construction companies and project managers, data scientists, academic researchers; and essentially any stakeholder within the AEC industry looking to improve project delivery through digital innovation. However, we also see Speckle used in Yacht building, game development, medical implants and devices, and mining.

Revenue is generated through server deployment, either dedicated exclusive servers for enterprise, large-scale multi-party JV projects, or subscription-based access to team-focused features on the general availability server. Speckle Automate operates on a compute-on-demand basis.

About the team

Founded by Dimitrie Stefanescu and Matteo Cominetti, the core team comprises experts in AEC, software development, and digital transformation. We also have a dedicated advocacy team that reinforces our community-focused approach to Speckle’s mission to improve the AEC industry.


For more info, please reach out to: hello@speckle.systems or join the community forum.