Printing PDFs from Autodesk Cloud (BIM360/ACC) is slow and cumbersome. It involves manually going through all the drawings and requesting PDFs, which is time-consuming for BIM managers who need to ensure the quality of large drawing sets.


sPrint is a Chrome extension that allows batch printing of PDFs and downloading derivatives from Autodesk Cloud platforms, significantly speeding up the process and improving efficiency for BIM managers.

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Why Open Source?

Making sPrint open source encourages collaboration and continuous improvement from the global community. It allows users to customize and enhance the tool to better fit their specific needs, fostering innovation and shared knowledge in the industry.


MIT License


  • Chrome Extension
  • TypeScript / Vue / Tailwind
  • AWS Lambda
  • Autodesk Platform Services API

Operating Model

Maintenance and Updates: Regular updates are pushed to the GitHub repository based on user feedback and new feature requests. Contributors: The main contributors are team members from Perkins&Will, along with users and other volunteers from the open source community.

Potential Customers: BIM Managers Architects Construction professionals Any users of Autodesk Cloud platforms (BIM360/ACC)

About the team

  • Zuzanna Czapla
  • Elton Gjata
  • Mario Romero
  • Luc Deckinga
  • Daniel Boba


For more info, please reach out to: Daniel Boba dbo@shl.dk